2022 SPRING Online Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans Blending Conference

APRIL / MAY 2022

The saints throughout the Central, Eastern and Balkan areas of Europe would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming online conference.

We believe this conference will provide an excellent opportunity to blend with many saints throughout the churches in these areas and elsewhere.

The schedule will consist of general blending meetings for mutual enjoyment, video messages and small group meetings in various languages. The afternoon small group meetings are designed to provide the best opportunity for the overflow fellowship and prayer along the subject of the conference. Even though these meetings will be based on the various languages, we would suggest to those saints from all the attending countries who can handle English to join the English speaking small group overflow meeting and use this opportunity for even more blending with the saints from different countries.

Please prayerfully consider participating with us during this time, and may the Lord pour out His blessing!

Brothers in Central and Eastern Europe and Balkans